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An Urban Legend

“Everything feels so weird today” wonders Alice while straightening out her thoughts… “Everyone here look different? OMG… Checkout at those guys… they look like they came out of Paris somewhere in the 1920’s”. Alice sips some more from her drink and mumbled “This cocktail is… It feels strange… Is it me? am I dreaming??”. “I’ll tell you what you are dreaming about” Replays the Octopus from across the bar. “What?” said Alice. “You dreaming about being surround by dreamers” declares the Octopus and adds “We are all crazy dreamers here!”.

“Maybe” Alice remarked, takes another sip and adds “but I don’t wish to be surrounded by crazy people!?!” while a smile of satisfaction lit up her eager face. “Can I let you in on a little secret?” whispers the 10-armed Octopus, while shaking 2 and stirring 5 cocktails … “This is a Crazy Place for Dreamy People” and strains the last drop to Alice’s Martini “Welcome to the Family”.

*** we don’t really know if Vesper is a “crazy place for dreamy people” or a “dreamy place for crazy people” …in any case, We Are Happy 🙂

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Nahum Dovrin St 9

Entrance from the Dovrin 7
through the Black Curtain


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